About Yoga

Yoga is a transformative body-mind tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. Physical postures called "asana" are traditionally combined with mindful breathing to explore a progressively deeper awareness of the body, mind, and present moment. Yoga classes at IOBT are taught in small groups, providing opportunity for the instructor to give plenty of individual attention and hands-on adjustments. Our yoga classes are designed to challenge students physically as well as encourage relaxation, meditation, and spiritual inquiry.

Yoga Benefits

A regular Yoga practice can help increase flexibility, skeletal and muscular alignment, strength, and focus. It is also traditionally practiced to aid spiritual growth and alignment with one's highest potential. At IOBT, clients use Yoga to address many goals, including:

Class Schedule

Yoga classes are offered in ongoing classes.

Please visit the Floor Classes page for our latest schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not very flexible. Will Yoga be too challenging for me?
A: Yoga can be beneficial for anyone. Whether you are very flexible or have never been able to touch your toes, Yoga postures can be modified to fit you and your body. The practice of Yoga is a vehicle for training your mind and body to be present in each moment. Everyone can benefit from taking the time to get in touch with the breath while challenging the body and mind in new ways. The instructors at IOBT will allow you to work at your own pace and help you to grow in strength, flexibility, awareness, and openness.
Q: What should I wear to yoga class?
A: Most students are comfortable in stretchy pants or shorts and a tank or tee. Looser pants are not as preferable because they make it difficult to see the proper leg alignment. Yoga is practiced on a mat in bare feet. You may want to bring a sweatshirt to layer over your top until your body has warmed up.
Q: What should I bring to yoga class?
A: If you have your own yoga mat, you can bring it. Otherwise, we will provide a mat and all the equipment you will need. You may also want to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
Q: How much do your yoga classes cost?
A: Please visit our Pricing Page or our online scheduling system for pricing details.
Q: I'd like to purchase some yoga classes for a friend. Do you offer gift certificates?
A: Yes! We offer gift certificates in many denominations, attractively packaged and perfect for birthdays, new moms, holidays, and more. Please call (919.361.0104) or email the studio to learn more. Purchase Gift Certificateds Online
Q: Where can I learn more about Yoga?
A: The following links are excellent resources: