Pilates Teacher Training

InsideOut Body Therapies' Pilates Teacher Training is one of the first in the country to be licensed from The Pilates Center (TPC) in Boulder, Colorado. InsideOut Body Therapies' (IOBT) Teacher Training Program is considered "The Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Programs" by Pilates' professionals worldwide and is registered with the Pilates Method Alliance. It is one of the most respected, comprehensive and intensive programs of its kind. Students work with Third Generation Instructors learning both Classical and Therapeutic Pilates. Our goal at IOBT is to inspire students to be the best Pilates teacher they can be.

Why IOBT Pilates Teacher Training?

The Pilates Teacher Training Program (TTP) at InsideOut Body Therapies (IOBT) is affiliated with The Pilates Center (TPC) of Boulder, Colorado. Our programs adhere to guidelines established by the Pilates Method Alliance and prepare you to work in a professional Pilates studio. This comprehensive, Classical training includes an in-depth study of the entire Pilates System. Your training will be taught by Master Pilates Instructors and Physical Therapists with years of teaching and rehabilitation experience who have apprenticed with Second and Third Generation Pilates Teachers. Students gain a deep understanding of both the theory and application of the Pilates System on all the pieces of Pilates equipment as well as the matwork. The training demands not just the straightforward memorization of the full repertoire of classical exercises, but develops your perceptual, pedagogical, and embodiment skills allowing students to explore the art of teaching and to develop the skills to teach the form to widest possible client population. IOBT's program emphasizes embodiment of the Pilates system to develop both a strong Pilates practice and to enhance their teacherly skills. Students must be injury free and a practitioner of Pilates.

IOBT offers a unique experience in that students are also exposed to the therapeutic applications of Pilates. IOBT offers Pilates-Based Physical Therapy and students are given additional opportunities to study and observe these therapeutic applications. Students graduate with the skill set to work with a variety of clients from the chronic pain patient to the professional athlete and dancer. Participants learn the anatomy and kinesiology involved with Pilates and functional training and prepare to sit for the PMA® National Certification Exam

Our TTP will challenge you to develop and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally to become a compassionate and knowledgable instructor. Our Training hones the skills you will use daily to read the body in movement, see muscular patterning, and create training sessions for both individuals and groups. We also will train you to communicate and cue your clients through a supportive atmosphere of mentorship and apprenticeship that includes practical exams, constructive feedback, and teaching clinics.

ALL the classical material (Beginning to Advanced) along with countless modifications are presented in a logical and precise way that not only allows you to progress your clients effectively, but gives permission for your creativity and love of movement to flourish within your new career.

Trainee Benefits Offered to IOBT Students

Each program includes a combination of Internship and Exam hours and will vary depending on the program. Students are expected to complete an average of 15 hours per week toward their Internship hours. Internship Hours include; Online Lectures, Observation, Practice Teaching, Lessons, Personal Workouts,Teaching Skills, and Required Readings. Students are strongly encouraged to attend weekly symposiums and teaching skills classes.

NEW TEACHERS - Pilates Programs Offered at InsideOut Body Therapies

ALREADY A PILATES TEACHER? Programs for existing teaching at IOBT

Application and Enrollment - UPDATED!

As of 2015, all Applications and Enrollments will be processed through The Pilates Center. Internship and Program hours are still completed at InsideOut Body Therapies.

*IMPORTANT - Even though applications and registration will be processed via The Pilates Center, prospective students must email InsideOut Body Therapies prior to submitting their application. Either Deborah or Mischa will meet with you to discuss options and studio availability. This meeting can be made either in person or completed with a phone call. It is necessary to contact IOBT to begin your program.


To begin the application process or to receive additional information about our teacher training services, email: IOBT Teacher Training Coordinator or call the studio at 919-361-0104.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my entire program in Durham, NC?
How many times do I need to travel to Boulder, Colorado?
Zero. All internship hours and exams can be completed in Durham, NC. Students may also visit other Host Studios around the country and TPC graduates to full-fill program hours.
How much Pilates experience is necessary to apply?
Each program has different prerequisites (see above). It is recommended that students be practicing Pilates on a regular basis and learn as much as they can prior to entering the program. The program entails a lot of learning and assimilating of information. The more a student can embody and experience Pilates, the easier it is to integrate information and to develop the skills of teaching.
Are payment plans available?
Yes. All TTP payments are made to The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and payment plan options are available.
When do the programs start?
Students can start any time of the year! The Pilates Center (TPC) has created iTPC which offers more flexibility for students to begin their program anytime through the online campus. In the past, IOBT offered two semester start times per year and coordinated the Orientation with the Formal Lecture Series. With the online system, students can begin when it is convenient for their schedules. To begin, students must contact both InsideOut Body Therapies and The Pilates Center Boulder.
Is the entire program done online?
No. The Pilates Center filmed the Formal Lecture Series and now offers it in digital form. Students can now watch the entire leveled weekend online or just pick a single exercise to view. The online instruction is provided by Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel.

All other internship hours, teaching workshops and exams are completed at InsideOut Body Therapies. Weekly skills classes and trainee workshops are designed to further support the online lectures and to develop tactile teaching skills.

Continuing Education

IOBT offers workshops open to all Pilates enthusiasts and Pilates Instructors from other programs. Workshops are PMA® and TPC Master Program approved CEC's. To enroll, log onto Mindbody online and click on the Workshop tab.