Personal Training

Personal training at IOBT includes TRX, BOSU balance training, weight training, plyometrics, and outdoor speed and endurance drills. Each personal training session is tailored to your individual fitness level and goals.


TRX Suspension Training at IOBT is done on a private and semi private basis. Similar to the Pilates system, TRX Suspension Training uses gravity and your own bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. Simple positioning and adjustments allow you to control how much you challenge yourself with each movement. TRX at InsideOut also incorporates a strong emphasis on body positioning and alignment with a strong focus on form. It is our goal to help you meet your fitness needs safely and efficiently.

What is TRX? Check out the official TRX website.


Invented in 1999 and debuted in early 2000, BOSU is an acronym, meaning "both sides up." Basic function and movement will be tested and strengthened on the half ball, feeling the connection of the entire body through movement that is incorporated to challenge both static and dynamic balance. While improving your proprioception, BOSU will take your weekly workout regimen to a whole new level.

What is BOSU? Check out the official BOSU website.

Personal Training Benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • Improved balance
  • Weight loss
  • Greater endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved athletic performance


Call (919.361.0104) or email the studio to schedule your 60 or 90 minute private or duet personal training session.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the trainer at IOBT?
A: Adam Decker
Q: How is Personal Training with Adam Decker different?
A: Personal Training at IOBT is based on form, full body integration, and specific movements centering from the core. Adam will teach you how to listen to your body while focusing on posture, safety and proper technique. He will push you to your limits with creative, challenging, and fun exercises modifying your program in accordance with your personal needs. The equipment used at IOBT is minimal- TRX, BOSU, exercise balls, and weights are the main tools you will use. Adam works closely with IOBT's Physical Therapists, Rolfers, and Structural Integrators in creating maintenance programs for clients coming off of an injury or dealing with chronic issues. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, are coming off of an injury, or just want to get or stay in shape, Adam will help you meet your fitness goals.
Q: What should I wear and bring to class?
A: Bring just yourself and a water bottle to stay well hydrated. At IOBT, we provide all equipment you will need for mat classes, equipment classes, and private sessions. Most students are comfortable in standard workout wear such as shorts, leggings, tanks tops, tees, etc. Your clothing should be breathable and allow full range of movement. Bare feet or running shoes are suggested for personal training sessions.
Q: How do I sign up for a class or private session?
A: You can sign up for the BOSU classes using our web-based scheduling system. Please sign up for privates and duet sessions via email or telephone (919.361.0104).
Q: How much does it cost?
A: For complete pricing information for TRX/Personal Training sessions and BOSU classes, please visit our Pricing page. BOSU class is considered a "Floor class".
Q: I really want to lose weight and trim up. Can Personal Training sessions at IOBT help me?
A: At IOBT we are primarily interested in helping you learn how to move more mindfully, efficiently, and in a way that makes your body simply feel better. We strive to create an atmosphere that is free of judgment about size and shape (as difficult as that can be in today's culture) and encourage clients to deepen their understanding of themselves through movement. That being said, we are also here to help you meet your goals. Adam can tailor your sessions to meet your fitness goals (strengthen muscles, improve balance, increase flexibility, or lose weight).


"Adam brings a great energy level and enthusiasm to every TRX workout. He makes the hardest workouts fun while maintaining focus on proper form in the exercises. Since starting TRX lessons with Adam, there has been a noticeable improvement in my performance both in my TRX workouts and in my runs."
- Andy T
"Adam provides a challenging and fun workout and it feels customized just for you. He motivates you and keeps you safe. Adam focuses on form to ensure you are safely working the intended areas, but also keeps you moving so you never get bored. I honestly could go on and on with how impressed I am with him as safe and motivating instructor! As far as TRX, the integration of balance, core work, stabilization, and being a system that promotes uniform development is very much in alignment with Pilates, especially with the right instructor. I realize people think it's hardcore, and it can be, but Adam only makes it that way for those who want that and can do it. Just like we adapt lessons and classes to people, Adam adapts the session to his client(s)."
- Lorien A
"I kept hearing about TRX training, but really didn't know anything about it. Then I heard about Adam Decker and signed up for a private TRX session. He was superb. He was very professional, knowledgeable and careful to be sure the student understands the importance of form to protect you from getting hurt. He pushes you enough to make you work, but encourages you so you stay motivated. I have already been back and look forward to working with Adam a lot more in the future."
- Nancy D
"I have had a regular workout regimen of 50 minutes of cardio 4-5x/week for probably 20 years and have incorporated equipment pilates, ballet burn type classes, yoga and trx classes 2x/week for the past nine years or so. I have only been doing trx duets 1x/week with you for several months, but I have seen an extreme increase in my strength. You have great workouts, music and seem to know how to push to the exact limit. You are great at what you do and I do and would recommend you to anyone!"
- Melissa K
"I was really afraid to try TRX because I have never considered myself as athletic enough for something like it. My friends, co-workers, and Adam continued to encourage me and I was able to find a partner that I knew would be a good match for duet lessons. I was pretty strong from pilates, but TRX has made me even stronger and enhanced my pilates practice as well.
Adam was great at assessing my strength, balance and agility from the very first lesson. He started me off with basics and has continued to build the exercises with each lesson. He's attentive, supportive and so enthusiastic. He also knows when I can give just a little more and he gently nudges me in that direction when I try to shortcut my full ability. As a structural integrator and pilates instructor, it is an added bonus that Adam has such a good knowledge of anatomy as well. I'm able to integrate his knowledge of biomechanics into my practice. Wherever someone is in their fitness level, they should think about giving TRX and Adam a try to shake up their routine!"
- KimLien L