Pricing & Packages

IOBT offers both private and group instruction. Privates are 55 minutes and classes vary in length. Body work and physical therapy sessions also vary in length. Please be sure to "like us" on Facebook and bookmark our Homepage to be the first to hear about our special discounts and events.

All packages have a six month expiration date. If you need to extend your series, one month extensions can be purchased for a charge of $15 or remaining balances can be applied to IOBT account dollars prior to the expiration of your package. No exceptions will be made after the expiration date. If you have a medical condition and would like to request a medical hold on your package, please complete and submit the Medical Hold Request Form (.PDF)

New Client Specials: *One-time only. 6-month expiration applies.

New Clients can take advantage of all the specials listed below.

Private Instruction:
      First Personal Training Session $60
Pilates Equipment Classes:
      10% off a 5-class package $135
Floor Classes:
      10% off a 5-class package - $63
Pilates Introductory Package: $186
      1 Personal Training Session @ $60
      4 Pilates equipment classes @ $25/ea
      2 floor classes @ $13/ea
      10% off one Wellness Service
Infrared Sauna:
      Two 20-minute Infrared Sauna Sessions: $40

Private Sessions: Includes Pilates, TRX® and Personal Training

Private Instruction: Pilates, TRX&req;, Yoga
      1 session - $75
      5 sessions - $350 ($70/ea)
      10 sessions - $650 ($65/ea)
      15 sessions - $900 ($60/ea)
      Focus Session - $45 (30 minutes)
Sessions with Owners: Deborah and Mischa
      1 session - $100
      5 sessions - $450 ($90/ea)
      10 sessions - $800 ($80/ea)
Private Pilates Session with an IOBT Trainee: Trainee sessions are limited.
      1 session - $25
      5 session - $115 ($23 each)
      10 sessions - $200 ($20 each)

Semi-Private Sessions: Includes Pilates, TRX® and Personal Training

Semi-Private: Pilates or Personal Training
      1 session - $46
      5 sessions - $210 ($42 each)
      10 sessions - $380 ($38 each)

Pilates Group Equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Combo Classes

IOBT requires clients take ONE Private Pilates session before signing up for Equipment Classes. Please refer to the Studio Policy page for further details or email the studio.
      1 class - $35
      5 classes - $150 ($30/ea)
      10 classes - $270 ($27/ea)
      20 classes - $440 ($22/ea)

Floor Classes: Pilates Mat, Yoga, Stretch, Sculpting

      1 class - $16
      5 classes - $70 ($14/ea)
      10 classes - $130 ($13/ea)
      15 classes - $165 ($11/ea)

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

      Initial Evaluation - $120
      Follow-up sessions: $90
      Re-Evaluation: $100
      5 Pack of PT Follow-up Sessions - $425 ($85 each)


We offer a discounted rate for patients that pay out of pocket. Itemized receipts are provided to allow patients to directly bill their health insurance or HSA plans for reimbursement. Our discounted rates are:
      New Patient: 90 minute Evaluation and Treatment: - $140 (Cash pay rate)
      Follow up Treatments: - $80 (Cash pay rate)
      Tui Na: - $140 (60 minutes)

Structural Integration (SI) and Body Systems Integration (BSI)

      SI session - $90
      BSI session - $80

Massage Therapy and Active Release Technique

      90 minutes ...$125
      60 minutes ...$90
      30 minutes ...$50

Infrared Sauna Therapy *Price includes single or double occupancy

      25 minute sessions $25
            Package of 5 - $100 ($20 each)
      55 minutes session $50
            Package of 5 - $225 ($45 each)

Wellness Flex Dollars:

Flex Dollars can be used towards any service. This is a great payment option if you utilize several Wellness services at InsideOut and/or see multiple instructors including Physical Therapy and Personal Training. Flex dollars offer savings and simplicity in your budget and additional discounts on InsideOut's Wellness therapies. Auto Pay feature provides the ease of refreshing your account only when funds are depleted. No expiration date.
$600 Wellness Flex Dollars – Tier 1
      10-pack rate for Floor ($13) & Equipment ($27)
      5-pack rate for Duets ($42)
      10-pack rate for Personal Training ($65)
      5% discount on Acupuncture & Infrared Sauna (single sessions)
$1100 Wellness Flex Dollars – Tier 2
      20-pack rate for Floor ($11) & Equipment ($22)
      10-pack rate for Duets ($38)
      15-pack rate for Personal Training ($60)
      10% discount on Acupuncture & Infrared Sauna (single sessions)

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