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About Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy (PBPT) at InsideOut Body Therapies (IOBT) is an approach to healing grounded in the moving body. Utilizing the Pilates system and traditional physical therapy methods, our PTs assess and treat the whole person - not just an injury or symptom. At IOBT, we are particularly adept at identifying and correcting problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause you pain. We believe that you can feel better when you move better.

We do not file claims with insurance companies, but can provide everything you need to do so yourself. We provide you with the claim form and itemized bill to make filing as simple as possible. If you are planning on filing your own insurance, it is important to determine whether your insurance company requires a doctor's referral in order to be seen by a physical therapist. Although it is not a requirement by the state, some insurance companies require a physician referral in order to reimburse you for physical therapy services.

PBPT Benefits

PBPT encourages you to take an active role in your recovery. You'll be asked to learn and engage in new ways of moving, of listening to your body, and of taking care of yourself. As an active participant, your benefits will be maximized and your healing time shortened. As you learn to listen to your body more attentively, future injury can also be prevented. We will teach you the skills you need to maintain your gains once treatment has ended. If you are interested, we can also help you incorporate Pilates classes and/or individualized Pilates lessons into your everyday, post-treatment life. Our clients have successfully used PBPT to treat:

  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Overuse injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Repetitive stress disorders
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Postural issues
  • Pelvic and spinal instability
  • Shoulder pain
  • Women's health issues
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Neurological and balance disorders
  • Scoliosis

Back to Health Program at IOBT: Bridging Physical Therapy to a Mindful Movement Practice

What is the Back to Health Program?

The Back to Health Program includes sessions, workshops, and classes appropriate for clients transitioning from physical therapy to an independent movement program. Classes are small in size and structured to provide clients a safe and supported environment. Instructors provide an adaptable sequence of mindful exercises that emphasize core strengthening, joint health, and overall flexibility that can support individuals' fitness and wellness goals. Techniques drawn from a variety of somatic practices are used to teach body awareness and to strengthen healthy movement patterns while empowering participants to move - literally and figuratively - back to health.

Who can participate in the Back to Health sessions, classes and workshops?

All are welcome! Participants do not have to begin with Physical Therapy in order to enroll in these sessions, classes or workshops. Back to Health sessions and workshops can also serve as preparation for traditional Pilates equipment and Mat classes at IOBT. The sessions are grounded in Pilates principles. Although classes will integrate other movement modalities and techniques (e.g., yoga fundamentals, light weight training, fit ball exercises, KSG® straps on the Cadillac and Foam Rollers), participants will gain experience in the Pilates system, preparing them for other class offerings at IOBT. Participants should consult with the instructor about other class options after completing a session.

Participants who enroll in the full session are also offered a discounted 30 minute Focus Private ($35). This offer is available for those that want to meet individually with their instructor (or any IOBT Pilates Instructor) to review and refine exercises. The time can also be used for clarification of individual needs or to prepare for transition to a higher level class.

What are the tiered Options of the Back to Health Program?

The program offers two options:

  1. Tier One: Fundamental Sessions and Workshops
    Those who are new to the studio, graduating from physical therapy, or looking to ease into a movement program, are encouraged to begin with Tier One sessions. Tier One is for those wanting gentle, fundamental training or are new to group classes. These sessions are appropriate for clients dealing with chronic pain issues who have been cleared by their physician and physical therapist to start a movement program. Look to the Workshop Tab on Mindbody Online for current Sessions and Workshops.
  2. Tier Two: Beginning and Ongoing classes
    Tier Two options are ongoing classes that clients can attend anytime. These classes are Pilates-based and labeled as "Level 1 / Beginning" or "All Levels" classes. Clients interested in these classes should have some experience in Pilates and the Pilates equipment.
    Clients may be advised to adhere to the studio policy of taking two private sessions before starting an Equipment class. It is recommended that clients consult their (IOBT) physical therapists regarding Tier Two classes.

What happens after I complete a Session?

Upon completion of a full session, clients may enroll in another Back to Health series, transition to a Tier Two class, or enroll a one of IOBT's Level 1 or 2 classes. Instructors will advise each student about their options and provide a summary of "do's and don'ts" for future classes. Clients can also provide their new instructor with this "tip" sheet so that the new instructor is familiar with a client's history and can better support their class experience.

The goal of the Back to Health Program is to empower clients with healthy movement options to do anytime, anywhere. Joseph Pilates said it best in Return to Life, "Physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness."

Pilates Equipment

Today's spring-loaded Pilates equipment has evolved over the decades to facilitate recovery from a variety of different injuries and coordination difficulties. Spring tension gives the body proprioceptive feedback, which in turn stimulates the gravity orientation (or postural) system. Effective and appropriate stabilization and sequencing can then be trained so that these new skills are easily integrated into your daily life. Many Pilates exercises are performed lying down on the equipment which can facilitate a gentle progression from non-weight-bearing to full weight-bearing activities. When you have success with movement and a positive movement experience, you can shift the perception that movement causes pain.

Pilates equipment is versatile, allowing for many different body types, sizes, and conditions to be comfortably accommodated. At IOBT, we use:

  • The Reformer
  • The Cadillac or Trapeze Table
  • The Low (Wunda) Chair
  • The Ladder Barrel
  • The Foot Corrector
  • The Ped-o-Pull
  • The Pole System

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