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Deborah Matthews
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Deborah Matthews, PMA®-CPT

Heritage Training

Master Teacher, Deborah Matthews, founded InsideOut Body Therapies in 2003 and is a highly sought after Third Generation Pilates Teacher. She initially trained at The Pilates Center of Boulder (TPC) whose owners, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel, studied with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates. She completed her initial Pilates training in 1999 and the TPC Master's Program in 2008. She has also completed The Heritage Training® with Kathleen Stanford Grant lineage holder, Cara Reeser. Deborah's teaching is strongly informed by her work with Hubert Godard, Dean of Dance and Movement Analysis at the University of Paris and Rolf® Movement Instructor at The Rolf Institute®.

Before moving to Durham, Deborah lived in Colorado. She studied and worked at TPC, managed and taught GYROTONIC® at White Cloud Boulder, and was the Senior Teacher for Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned in Denver. Deborah offers a classical, yet highly innovative approach to Pilates, with a deep understanding of the damaged body in need of rehabilitation and the everyday body in need of strength and flexibility. Her teaching is influenced by her ongoing study of therapeutic Pilates, Rolf® movement, yoga, fine arts, and the process of her own rehabilitation from many challenging physical issues, including a kidney transplant.

Deborah currently serves on the Faculty of The Pilates Center. She is the Director of the InsideOut Body Therapies Pilates Teacher Training, which is officially licensed from TPC. She is also member of the Pilates Method Alliance® and a PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor.

Deborah is a graduate of The Heritage Training. Learn more about the program and Cara Reeser by clicking the logo.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Mischa Decker, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT

Mischa Decker, PT, DPT, PMA-CPT, co-owner of InsideOut Body Therapies, holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Duke University School of Medicine and a BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida. Mischa is a PMA® Certified Pilates Instructor and trained at The Pilates Center (TPC) of Boulder whose owners, Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel, studied with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates. She is a graduate of The Pilates Center's Master's Program and has been a Licensed Teacher Trainer for TPC since 2007.

After witnessing the effectiveness of Pilates in rehabilitating injuries during her dance career, Mischa knew she wanted to utilize the Pilates system to help others heal through movement. Mischa developed the Pilates-Based Physical Therapy Program (PBPT) at InsideOut Body Therapies in 2006 and is currently the Director of the Pilates-based Physical Therapy program at IOBT. PBPT is a client-centered approach to healing grounded in the moving body that assesses and treats the whole person -- not just an injury or symptom -- through Pilates exercises and traditional physical therapy methods. Now it seems impossible for her to separate Pilates from PT as both play a major role in how she facilitates a positive movement experience with her clients.

She has presented in North Carolina and across the country and her passion for health, movement and healing is felt by everyone she meets! She presented a poster, "ALS and Pilates-based Physical Therapy: A Case Study" at the Pilates Method Alliance this year and was a Finalist in the Next Pilates Anytime Teacher Contest in 2017 and 2018. When not teaching or practicing Pilates or presenting, Mischa loves traveling, exploring Durham, being outside and exercising with her husband and two awesome children.

Physical Therapists


Lori Ginsberg, PT, MPT

Lori Ginsberg, PT, MPT has been a physical therapist for 17 years, specializing in Pilates-based physical therapy since 2006. While working at the University of Minnesota and the University of Chicago orthopedics clinics, she developed a solid foundation of skills and experience with complex musculoskeletal issues. She brought those skills into smaller clinical settings since, sought after by "puzzling" patients who have tried, and failed, traditional PT. Since becoming Pilates certified through Balanced Body she has combined her expertise in human movement, manual therapy and innovative Pilates exercises to help patients achieve optimal strength, stability and function. Her passion is in helping people clearly identify, and then achieve, their health and fitness goals. She has recently become trained on the CoreAlign, an innovative piece of equipment that emphasizes upright posture to improve strength, balance, alignment and functional movement.

A breast cancer survivor, Lori is uniquely qualified to work with those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and/or post- mastectomy. She credits Pilates-based movement for much of her success in the battle against cancer.

Lori earned her Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her undergraduate degree at The University of San Diego. She lives with her husband and 2 daughters in Cary and enjoys spending her free time driving soccer carpools.

Meredith Ramsey

Meredith Ramsey, PT, DPT

Meredith holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Elon University. Meredith's interest in physical therapy started when she had to overcome many injuries growing up as a competitive gymnast. It wasn't until after her time as a gymnast and dancer that Meredith discovered Pilates. She was drawn to this form of exercise due to its artistic nature complimenting her prior activities. After experiencing the positive effects Pilates had on her own body she became interested in combining Pilates with rehabilitation due to its holistic approach. Meredith returned to North Carolina after living in Boulder, Colorado working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. There she gained experience working with a wide range of conditions with individuals of all ages. While in Boulder, Meredith began the Intermediate Pilates Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in order to grow personally and also professionally. Upon her return to NC, she completed her training at IOBT. Meredith enjoys helping others to overcome injuries in addition to working toward meeting their wellness goals. In addition to her time spent at IOBT, Meredith also works in her other area of interest as a pediatric physical therapist in Raleigh. Outside of her career, Meredith enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

Suz Kokot

Susan Kokot, PT, DPT

Susan Kokot, PT, DPT holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University's School of Medicine, and a BS in Theatre from Northwestern University. Susan has spent 15+ years in the theatre and dance worlds performing at renowned regional theatres and as a member of the Grand Rapids Ballet. During her performing career, Susan honed her kinesthetic sense, listening and observational skills, and deep understanding of the human condition.
Susan feels passionately about using these skills to help others heal and develop a greater awareness of their physicality; to encourage confidence in rehabilitation; and to motivate patients to improve overall health and performance. Susan's areas of interest include orthopedic rehabilitation with a focus in the performing arts, women's health, and neurological disorders.
Susan has treated clients in a variety of settings including the triage clinic at the American Dance Festival (ADF), backstage at the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC), and at Duke Regional Inpatient Rehab. She presented her research, Prediction of Injuries at a Dance Medicine Walk-In Clinic during a Summer Dance Intensive; at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in 2016. Susan is a graduate of The Pilates Center's Intermediate Teacher Training Program at InsideOut Body Therapies.
Other trainings include Essentials in Performing Arts Health, SugarFoot Therapy for dance injury prevention, and Walt Fritz's Myofascial Release for the Neck, Voice and Swallowing Disorders. When she's not at IOBT, Susan can be found attending live theatre and music, swimming, playing tennis, and spending time with her son.



Austin Dixon, L.Ac

Austin Dixon is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) living in Durham, NC. Before moving to Durham Austin and her husband lived in New York City where she attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and received her MSTOM (Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine). After graduation she spent a few years working at City Acupuncture of NY, a high volume/low cost clinic in the heart of the financial district in Manhattan. While in school she held internships at St. Vincent's Hospital in the HIV clinic and at the NYU Center for Joint Disease. She also spent time in China observing clinics in the Beijing hospitals through a program at Beijing University of TCM.

Austin enjoys working with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as women's issues, immune support, and digestive issues. She believe that healing is best achieved when lifestyle changes occur in conjunction with acupuncture. Each of her patients will have an individually tailored treatment plan that may include dietary changes and finding creative ways to reduce negative stress. Every patient is different so every treatment plan will differ depending on the needs and goals of the individual. She states, "One of the most important things to me is that my patients feel ownership and are empowered by their healing process."



Taran Rosenthal, LAc

A graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine, Taran had the privilege of being in one of the last classes to learn from the late legendary, and iconoclastic founder, Dr Sean Marshall. Since graduating he has continued his studies with advanced trainings in Tui Na, fascial unwinding, and visceral work with Dr Frank Butler, and Tom Bisio, Craniosacral therapy, Ba Gua I Ching acupuncture, and various styles of palpatory acupuncture. Taran maintains an active movement practice including, but not limited to Ba Gua, Systema, Bouldering, playing tag with his daughter, and work influenced by the Ido Portal Method, Fighting Monkey, and Rafe Kelly. All of this enriches, and deepens his work as a practitioner of Chinese medicine. To learn more about Taran, visit: https://www.flyingneedlenc.com

Pilates Teachers

Anna Marchington
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Anna Marchington, PMA®

Anna is a PMA certified instructor who graduated from the Advanced Teaching Training Program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado in 2006. She has been teaching in the Raleigh Durham area for the past twelve years.

Having started Pilates with Deborah Matthews in the early 2000s, Anna fell instantly in love with the mind-body connection Pilates created. She finds Pilates very empowering, in and out of the studio. Her goal is to help her clients eliminate self-imposed barriers, and allow them to question what else they can accomplish. She is happy to be back at InsideOut Body Therapies and to work alongside old friends and new clients.

She loves to work with all types of clients and help them to reach their individual goals, whether it's improving balance, or training for a triathlon.

In her spare time Anna enjoys traveling with her husband Philip to see their grown children, Sophia and Mathias, riding horses, and exploring the dining scene in Durham. (Have any recommendations?)

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Ashley Smitherman, PMA®-CPT

Ashley Smitherman is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher and a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. She began taking Pilates classes in 2005 and quickly fell in love with the method and was fascinated by the changes in her body. Ashley completed over 900 hours of intensive education through the Pilates Center Teacher Training at InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham, NC. She has been teaching since 2008 and is experienced teaching a variety of clients such as runners, prenatal and postpartum women, athletes and those recovering from injuries. A member of the Pilates Method Alliance®, Ashley is passionate about sharing the joy of movement through Pilates with her clients. Ashley's love of other forms of exercise such as running, HIIT, strength training and hot yoga influences her teaching to create well-rounded lessons for her clients. When she's not teaching, Ashley is a busy mom to two young boys and loves getting outside and cheering on the Tar Heels!

Bart Matthews

Bart Matthews

Bart Matthews is a Pilates Instructor. He trained at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. A graduate of Duke University in biology, he has a long-standing interest in Pilates, yoga, and tai chi. He greatly enjoys including other methodologies into his teaching such as kettle bells, bosu, and joint mobilizations. His client-centered approach emphasizes innovation and experimentation. He is also an avid musician and athlete.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Crystal West, PMA®-CPT

Crystal West, a Raleigh native, is a PMA® Certified Pilates instructor, dance teacher, and performer. She completed the 950+ hour Pilates Center Teacher Training program at IOBT after experiencing the transformative nature of pilates on her own body and movement quality. Crystal has been dancing, teaching, choreographing, and performing her entire life, and is honored to have studied with many well known and respected artists. She was a guest artist at the Boston Conservatory during during her four year stay in Boston, MA and currently teaches dance for CC & Co Dance Complex in North Raleigh.

She holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in English from UNC Chapel Hill and had a double-life as a software engineer and dancer for years until pilates simply won her over. Crystal is especially passionate about how pilates can both prevent injury and enhance performance for athletes and movement artists. When Crystal isn't in the dance studio or on the Reformer, you can find her spending time with her husband, Jeffrey, and their son, Owen, in Carrboro.

InsideOut Body Theriapies Staff

Emanuela Elias

Emanuela started in the fitness industry in 2007 as a personal trainer. In 2013, completely on a whim, she decided to enroll in the Peak Pilates teacher training program offered at her fitness club. With some experience in Pilates but no true understanding of it, the program completely changed her life's course. The Pilates method provided everything that was missing from her other fitness courses and she became completely immersed in the Pilates work. By the end of the first course, she transitioned to becoming a full time instructor of Pilates only. Emanuela continued her journey all the way through the Master Instructor program and is now a teacher trainer for the Peak Pilates program. Her mission is to guide her clients and students to improve their quality of life by optimizing their movement and alignment so that they may have access to their strongest and most efficient bodies yet.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Jenna Zaloom

Heritage Training

Jenna blue Zaloom completed her Masters training with The Pilates Center in Boulder and is a PMA® Certified Pilates teacher at InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham. Ever the student, Jenna then completed The Kathy Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser in 2015. Her awareness and eventual interest in Pilates arose from her disappointment due to a severe knee dislocation ending her lifelong goal to rock NYC stages as a ballerina. Jenna believes that if she had been able to work with a knowledgeable Pilates teacher consistently, all those years ago, she would have gotten back en pointe. Though originally certified in 2003 in NY, with a graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder CO it wasn't until 2010, Jenna returned to teaching full time and decided to re-certify. While her previous training empowered her to learn the basics about the Pilates exercises, she aspired to acquire the body reading skills of her teachers, Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker. Jenna finished the 950 hr. Advanced Teacher Training program at InsideOut. She remains an active student of Pilates and yoga. Jenna is an UNC grad and artist. She loves the ocean, hoppy beer, her friends and any salty chip.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Jessica Satterlee, PMA®-CPT

Jessica is a Pilates Method Alliance® Certified Pilates Teacher and is InsideOut's Pilates Teacher Training Coordinator. Jessica fell in love with Pilates after her very first class. Pilates exceeded any expectation she had ever had for exercise and it became an addiction - an addiction to health, happiness, and balance. Jessica's passion for Pilates and her desire to share that passion with others led her to complete The Pilates Center Teacher Training at InsideOut. Pilates has changed Jessica both physically and mentally and she aspires for that change in her clients.

Jessica's other enduring passion is for baking. She loves to see the smiles of friends and family when she shares her creations with them. Visit her cookie kitchen for more information.

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Riki Shore, PMA-CPT®

Riki Shore began practicing Pilates in 2014, while living in Scotland, as a way resolve back pain from a fall. Feeling better after her very first session, she continued to enjoy increased strength, flexibility and body awareness as a result of weekly Pilates sessions. Before she left Scotland her instructor encouraged her to look into teacher training and she luckily found InsideOut Body Therapies in September 2016. She graduated from the 450-hour training program offered by The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and completed her internship at IOBT in Durham under the guidance of Mischa Decker, PT, DPT, PMA®-CPT and Deborah Matthews, PMA®-CPT. Riki teaches the Healthy Bones classes at InsideOut and has completed the TheraPilates for Osteoporosis Course with Sherri Betz, an internationally recognized expert on building better bones through exercise. Riki enjoys working with private clients of all levels who are goal-oriented and motivated to keep moving and growing. She prides herself on being a compassionate listener and a focused teacher. When not at IOBT, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and their dog, as well as cooking, reading, knitting and traveling.

Samantha Chase
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Samantha Chase

Samantha Chase is a Pilates and CoreAlign instructor and owner of Full Circle Pilates in Raleigh, NC. She started to practice Pilates in 2004 after experiencing both the increased physical fitness and mind/body health benefits from Pilates. In 2011 while managing the Quality department for a Clinical Trails management company in Rockville, MD, Samantha decided to obtain her mat certification from Power Pilates. Upon moving to Durham, she was excited to find that InsideOut Body Therapies is a licensed teacher training facility for The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. Samantha wanted to attend TPC for several years, but was unable to do so due to her demanding schedule.

In 2012, Samantha decided to leave corporate America and embark upon a new career. She attendedPilates Then and Now, a workshop by Second Generation Master Rachel Taylor Segal, and continued on to graduate from the 950-hour training program. She completed her internship at InsideOut Body Therapies in 2013 under the guidance of Mischa Decker and Deborah Matthews and subsequently became a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Pilates Instructor. Samantha's classical training, analytical background, and keen eye for details has led to her personal style in both aiding clients in body rehabilitation efforts and increasing strength and coordination of athletes. Training and working at InsideOut Body Therapies has allowed Samantha to work side by side with Physical Therapists daily to further her education. Due to this unique environment, Samantha has worked with clients recovering from knee and hip replacements, labral tears, rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, SI joint disfunction, disc herniation and degeneration as well as countless other injuries.

In both 2013 and 2014 Samantha attended workshops on the maternal pelvis and Pilates for pre- and post-natal clients. Always thirsty for new knowledge, Samantha attends continuing education on a regular basis. In 2014 she was honored to train with First Generation Masters Lolita San Miguel (History of the Pilates Method, the Ped-O-Pull, and other Pilates Props) and Mary Bowen (Body and the Psyche: The Wonder of the Trapeze and the Wonder of the 4th Function). In addition, she attended theDefy Gravity workshop presented by Second Generation Master Amy Taylor Alpers.

Samantha continued her training beyond Pilates in 2017 by attending CoreAlign 1: Foundations Training with Joy Puleo of Balanced Body. In 2018 she completed CoreAlign 2:Progressions Training and enjoys introducing her clients to this additional piece of equipment that integrates with Pilates beautifully. Samantha's ultimate fitness goal is to obtain the athleticism and fluidity displayed by her cat Dizzy. Perhaps in the next life…

Body Workers

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

KimLien LaFitte, PMA®-CPT, LMBT,

Heritage Training

KimLien combines her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, a grounded analytical mind, keen artistic observational skills, and an intuitive and compassionate nature to assess the structural and energetic body. KimLien gives her clients the information and guidance they need to heal, integrate and transform themselves. KimLien graduated from The Pilates Center Intermediate Pilates Teacher Training Program and her most recent certification was with Cara Reeser in the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. She is a Board Certified Structural Integrator in the Rolf tradition of Structural Integration(NCLMBT #6058) and has further training in Neural and Visceral Manipulation. Her studies have given her a deep understanding of how working with the body and mind can free the body of long-held, maladaptive patterns and resulting pain. She developed Body Systems Integration(BSI) as a way to combine her skills and knowledge of manual and movement therapies into one system.

KimLien is a graduate of The Heritage Training. Learn more about the program and Cara Reeser by clicking the logo.


Matthew Fecteau, LMBT

Matt is a NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (#14262). Matt also currently works at Duke University's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience as a Project Coordinator in a research lab examining how learning and memory are affected by emotions. His background in science informs his approach to the art of bodywork. He attempts to marry traditional therapies with contemporary scientific evidence to achieve the most effective results.

Matt is an avid cyclist and runner, he has completed a number of marathons and ultramarathons (any distance beyond a marathon). He discovered that regular massage helped him to recover from training and races and also helped him achieve his personal health goals. He sees all his clients as athletes and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals through increased body awareness and pain-free activity. Matt is the only Full-Body Certified Active Release Techniques® provider in the Triangle and the only member of the ART Ironman® Provider Network in NC (as a massage therapist). He also includes Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial/Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage methods in his practice.

Personal Trainers


Adam Decker

Adam is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a certified TRX® trainer. He is passionate about the fitness industry and is committed to improving the health and well-being of his clients, all while having fun! He enjoys working with men and women of all ages and fitness levels, as well as with children and teens. He has worked with young athletes working to improve their fitness for their sport, as well as clients recovering from injuries or in chronic pain. Adam came to personal training after 15 years as a musician. He continues to sing professionally as a soloist, in a band, and as part of the a capella group, Transit. When he isn't singing or at IOBT he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mischa, and their two children, Zaiden and Naia.

Yoga Teachers

RJ Lisander

RJ Lisander

RJ speaks nationally on meditation, leads international meditation workshops, and has completed a number of local community classes with Lululemon, Athleta, Connected Warriors, Girls on the Run and other local businesses. Private sessions around topics of personal empowerment, confidence building, goal-oriented intentions, and self-care, healing and compassion have also been offered on request.

RJ teaches regularly at InsideOut Body Therapies and conducts group and private sessions locally.

With a 200-hour Prana Flow® teacher certification from Evolve Movement, Raleigh, NC and a 200-hr certification in yoga therapy with additional certifications in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Meditation, and pre/post natal care yoga and meditation certification, RJ continues regularly to develop her expertise and offerings. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in English with a minor in Creative Writing from West Virginia University.


Front Desk

Janice Roberts

Janice Roberts

Janice moved to Durham in 2014 after retiring from a 20 year career teaching elementary school in California. Prior to teaching she owned a natural food store and cafe and has always had a passion for alternative healing and nutrition. She has four sons, three who still live out west or Hawaii, and one toddling grandson. When not working or enjoying the services of IOBT, she is quietly enjoying her kitties, garden, home, trips to the mountains and ocean and all the people who have come into my life here.


Kim Crowley

Kim Crowley is a North Carolina native who grew up enjoying life near the coast. She graduated from Meredith College and spent 15 years working in marketing, advertising and office administration. Kim spent the last several years at home raising her two young boys while teaching preschool music classes. Kim's favorite pastimes include hiking, reading, singing and playing music, cooking, playing with her boys, and enjoying the NC coast and mountains as much as possible. Kim is thrilled to be working in a health-minded atmosphere and loves taking pilates and yoga!

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