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"When I started researching teacher training programs, my focus was to find a program that would give me not only the knowledge but also the confidence to teach Pilates. I chose 'The Pilates Center' program because it had the most comprehensive curriculum and it taught the classical method, and I was excited to find that there was a school in Durham licensed to teach their program. My experience with IOBT was amazing. I couldn't understand how I would go from being a Pilates enthusiast to a full fledged teacher in just 6 months, but I remember one thing that the instructors would always say...."trust in the process." And truly, it is the process created by The Pilates Center and the excellent instructors at IOBT that made me successful. The program is intense and the instructors have high expectations, but if you're willing to put in the time and effort, you will graduate with the knowledge and the confidence to teach Pilates."

"Choosing InsideOut Body Therapies for my Pilates Certification was the best decision I made, for so many reasons. One of the most important one is that I got to learn from amazing teachers in a warm, encouraging, and supportive environment. Not only are you learning from highly trained Pilates Instructors, but also the entire staff at InsideOut who are extremely knowledgeable in their own field, including Physical Therapists, Rolfers, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists. Of course being able to train directly under Deborah and Mischa, classically trained Pilates practitioners who are very knowledgeable in injury rehabilitation and a Physical Therapist, was incredibly valuable. Many of the clients I currently teach have been referred to Pilates by medical professionals. Being able to modify and make Pilates exercises accessible and beneficial for these clients would have been impossible without the knowledge and process of thinking InsideOut taught me. The program gave me a solid foundation of incredibly detailed knowledge on all Pilates exercises on all pieces of equipment, but also the confidence to really see and assess the body/client in front of me, trust my own instincts, and create a session that will be of greatest benefit for that client. I highly recommend it because it is one of the most thorough, extensive and reputable programs in the nation, but also because the small teacher to student ratio provides a direct and open learning atmosphere. It is a truly unique place, and I feel very grateful to be a part of the InsideOut family."

"This comprehensive program not only gave me in-depth knowledge of the pilates method (mat and equipment), anatomy, and kinesiology, but also developed my ability to teach and truly relate to another human being through movement and breath. Although this program has many exams to ensure your progress (3 written, 2 teaching and 2 performance), you as the trainee, are in control of what you ultimately get out of this program."

"I love that 250 hours of practice teaching are required as part of the training. However, the majority of these hours are teaching private lessons and I feel that since many of us instructors teach classes, that more focus should be placed on teaching groups with maybe even a specific number of hours required teaching classes. My specific mentors at InsideOut Body Therapies (IOBT) heard this feedback and arranged for the trainees to teach more groups. So, I graduated feeling very comfortable teaching both private lessons and classes."

"The other thing that I feel sets this training program apart from others is the focus on rehabilitation and education concerning contraindications. Some of this can be attributed to the specific studio in which I studied and the background of my mentors (Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker at IOBT), but I feel rehabilitation is a very practical, but overlooked area and use of pilates that more instructors need to be aware of."

"This training program has a specific curriculum to harmonize requirements across participating studios. But, you should be aware that your experience will be very much influenced by the specific studio in which you study. I had been a client at IOBT for a few years and knew I would do well in that environment, but may not have done as well in a different place under different mentorship. The studio instructors and clients are very welcoming. It's big enough that you can get a variety of instructors and sessions to observe, but small enough that you get very individual attention. So, my advice is to scope out where you will be doing the majority of your hours and make sure the environment and people are a good match. Having said that, I highly recommend visiting other participating studios for some of the lectures and/or to experience as many different teachers as possible--we can learn from everyone!"

"Again, it's really up to the participant as to what you get out of a training program, but the TPC Teacher Training Program provides all the tools and knowledgeable teachers--you just have to be open to a mental, emotional, and physical challenge and not be hesitant to voice your needs as a trainee."

"I am proud to be a part of the inaugural class of TTP students at IOBT! I started inquiring about local Triangle Pilates teacher training programs in 2007 & was happy to find out that IOBT was planning to initiate a program in 2008. I was already familiar with IOBT as I had been taking mat classes there for about 2 years. I loved the studio & instructors, so it was an easy decision to start the TTP at IOBT rather than another Triangle studio. I liked the fact that the IOBT program was all encompassing (mat & equipment levels 1-5) & the program stayed true to the classical method created by Joseph Pilates. I figured if I was making the time & financial commitment, I wanted to learn the method as Mr. Pilates intended. Both Deborah & Mischa were valuable resources & excellent mentors. The program prepared me mentally & physically and upon graduation in spring 2009, I felt confident enough in my ability to begin teaching at IOBT. I highly recommend the TTP at IOBT to prospective students!"

"I began taking Pilates classes at Inside Out during my second year of Physical Therapy school and UNC-Chapel Hill. After falling in love with Pilates and learning how beneficial it would be to intertwine Pilates and Physical Therapy, I began taking interest in the teaching training program. I entered the program during my final year of Physical Therapy school. I spent most of my observation hours learning Pilates Based Physical Therapy techniques that I could later use with my patients. The teaching program assisted me with both my physical Pilates skills as well as my teaching and overall communication skills. The program was a perfect combination of challenging yet fun! I am now a licensed Physical Therapist in Charlotte NC and use Pilates within my intervention techniques with my patients. I also work at a Pilates studio teaching clients as well as seeing patients using the Pilates Based Physical Therapy method.

"The teaching training course has prepared me for the world of Pilates and I am so incredibly thankful for all of the teachers and staff members at Inside Out. I would highly recommend the program to any individual who is looking to take their Pilates training to the next level!

"My training with IOBT was inspirational, enlightening and comprehensive. Now that I have left the triangle and looking to find my niche, I truly miss the IOBT team and value my training even more. I obtained an in-depth understanding of Pilates and the distinguishing piece of this teaching program was the emphasis on the power of words and imagery. Now more than ever before, I find myself in other studio classes listening to the instructor call off exercises and count the reps for an hour, never reinforcing the juice and true essence of the exercise. I want to know why I am doing this exercise, what is the goal, what am I trying to achieve, where in my body am I miss aligned and compensating, when I need to use my inhale and exhale, how I can get deeper in my practice and in my body. Graduating from IOBT truly gave me a comprehensive scope of Pilates which includes all the fundamental teachings of Joseph Pilates. I am not only confident in my training but my ability to teach any type of body in front of me."

"As a graduate from IOBTs Training Program, I not only learned the technical understanding of how to teach Pilates, but also how to read clients' bodies and see what skills they need to develop in order to unlock their movement potential. The training I received at IOBT fostered an open and safe place for communication, support and understanding. IOBT Training Program provided the building blocks to unlock my full potential--both personally and professionally-- and as a result, I teach Pilates with passion, insight and inspiration."

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