Pilates Teacher Training

InsideOut Body Therapies’ Pilates Teacher Training is licensed with The Pilates Center (TPC) in Boulder, Colorado. InsideOut Body Therapies Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive series registered with the Pilates Method Alliance. It is one of the most respected, comprehensive and intensive programs of its kind. Students work with Third Generation Instructors learning both Classical and Therapeutic Pilates. Our goal at InsideOut Body Therapies is to inspire students to embody Pilates and to develop the critical thinking, listening and practical skills needed to become a compassionate and knowledgeable Pilates teacher.

Why InsideOut Body Therapies Pilates Teacher Training?

Our teacher training programs (TTP) adhere to guidelines established by the National Pilates Certification Program, the National Registry of Schools and prepare students to work in a professional Pilates studio. The programs prepares students to sit for the National Pilates Certification Program.  This comprehensive, Classical training includes an in-depth study of the entire Pilates System as it was designed to be utilized. Your training is taught by Master Pilates Instructors with 20+ years of teaching and rehabilitation experience who have apprenticed with Second and Third Generation Pilates Teachers. Students gain a deep understanding of both the theory and application of the Pilates System on all the pieces of Pilates equipment as well as the matwork.

The training demands not just the straightforward memorization of the full repertoire of classical exercises, but develops your perceptual, pedagogical, and embodiment skills allowing students to explore the art of teaching and to develop the skills to teach Pilates to a diverse clientele.  Our program emphasizes embodiment of the Pilates system to develop both a strong Pilates practice and to enhance their teacherly skills.

The TTP will challenge you to develop and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally to become a compassionate and knowledgeable instructor. Our Training hones the skills you will use daily to read the body in movement, see muscular patterning, and create training sessions for both individuals and groups. We also will train you to communicate and cue your clients through a supportive atmosphere of mentorship and apprenticeship that includes practical exams, constructive feedback, and teaching clinics.

ALL the classical material (Beginning to Advanced) along with countless modifications are presented in a logical and precise way that not only allows you to progress your clients effectively, but gives permission for your creativity and love of movement to flourish within your new career.

Learn more about Instructors –  Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker

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Trainee Benefits Offered to InsideOut Students

  • Mentorship and individual advising from Third Generation Master Teachers
  • Teaching Clinics and additional workshops
  • Use of our facilities for practice teaching
  • Opportunities to teach Group Equipment Classes
  • Exposure to Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Pilates
  • Exposure to other Healing and Movement modalities: Rolfing® Structural Integration, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy

Each program includes a combination of Internship and Exam hours and will vary depending on the program. Students are expected to complete an average of 15 – 18 hours per week toward their Internship hours. Internship Hours include; Online Lectures, Observation, Practice Teaching, Lessons, Personal Workouts, Teaching Skills, and Required Readings. Students are strongly encouraged to do a majority of observation in the studio.

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NEW TEACHERS – Program Options

1. Advanced Program
The Advanced Teacher Training Program is 950 hours. Upon completing the program students will be proficient performing and teaching the complete classical Pilates repertoire from a beginner level to the advanced level on all pieces of equipment. Graduates receive an Advanced Teacher Training diploma and meet eligibility requirements to take the PMA® National Certification Exam

    • Advanced Program Entrance prerequisites
      To be accepted into the Advanced Teacher Training Program students must pass a Level III (Intermediate) performance on Reformer.
    • Visit the The Pilates Center of Boulders’ (TPC) website to read more details and to apply to the program. Advanced Program.

2. Intermediate Program 
The Intermediate Teacher Training Program is the perfect way for anyone to begin their journey to become a professional PIlates teacher. Students explore the complete, comprehensive intermediate Classical Pilates repertoire and teaching principles. Upon completion of this 450 hour program, graduates received an Intermediate Teacher Training Program Diploma and meet the minimum requirement to take the PMA® National Certification Exam.

    • Intermediate Entrance prerequisites
      To be accepted into the Intermediate Program, students must have at least 17 hours of lessons that include experience on the Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair and Mat. To learn more details and to apply for the program, visit the TPC website: Intermediate Program

3. Intermediate Plus Program
The Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program is a 600 hour program. It is an expansion of the Intermediate Teacher Training Program that includes additional internship hours and a case study. Graduates receive Intermediate Teacher Training Program Diploma and also qualify to take the PMA® National Certification Exam.

    • Intermediate Plus Program Entrance Prerequisites
      To be accepted into the Intermediate Plus Program, students must have at least 17 hours of lessons that include experience on the Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair and Mat. To apply, click on the link below and follow the instructions to apply and register via The Pilates Center website: Intermediate Plus Program

4. Mat Pilates Educational Program
The Mat Pilates Educational Program is a 460 hour program. It is an in depth exploration of the Pilates Mat System that includes internship hours and a case study. Graduates receive a Pilates Mat Educational Program Diploma.

    • Mat Pilates Program Entrance Prerequisites
      To be accepted into the Mat Pilates Program, students must have at least 15 hours of Pilates Mat privates and classes.  To apply, click on the link below and follow the instructions to apply and register via The Pilates Center website: Mat Pilates Program

ALREADY A PILATES TEACHER? – Programs for Pilates Teachers

Bridge Program
The Bridge Program is designed for graduates of The Pilates Center Intermediate Teacher Training Program or another 450 hour (minimum) comprehensive teacher training program who wish to advance their skills and further their education.

    • Bridge Program Prerequisites
      Visit the TPC website to read more details about the program, prerequisites and to apply to the program. Bridge Program

Application and Enrollment for the Pilates Teacher Training

All Applications and Enrollments are processed through The Pilates Center, Boulder. Internship and Program hours can ALL be completed at InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham, NC.

*IMPORTANT – Even though applications and registration are processed via The Pilates Center, Boulder prospective students must email InsideOut Body Therapies prior to submitting their application. Either Deborah or Mischa will meet with you to discuss options and studio availability. This meeting can be made either in person or completed with a phone call. Please contact the studio prior to applying for the program. Email Mischa.

At InsideOut, we welcome students of all races, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities. In order to support increased diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Pilates field and to make sure everyone has the opportunity to shape their future with us we are offering a new scholarship this year for Black, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

Please email Mischa if you would like more information on our scholarship program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Students do not have to travel to Boulder.

Each program has different prerequisites (see above). It is recommended that students be practicing Pilates on a regular basis and learn as much as they can prior to entering the program. The program entails a lot of learning and assimilating of information. The more a student can embody and experience Pilates, the easier it is to integrate information and to develop the skills of teaching.

Yes. All TTP payments are made to The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and payment plan options are available.

Students can start any time of the year! The Pilates Center (TPC) has created iTPC which offers more flexibility for students to begin their program anytime through the online campus. In the past, we offered two semester start times per year and coordinated the Orientation with the Formal Lecture Series. With the online system, students can begin when it is convenient for their schedules. To begin, students must contact both InsideOut Body Therapies and The Pilates Center Boulder.

No. The Pilates Center filmed the Formal Lecture Series and now offers it in digital form. Students can now watch the entire leveled weekend online or just pick a single exercise to view. The online instruction is provided by Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel.

All other internship hours, teaching workshops and exams are completed at InsideOut Body Therapies. Weekly skills classes and trainee workshops are designed to further support the online lectures and to develop tactile teaching skills.


Choosing InsideOut Body Therapies for my Pilates Certification was the best decision I made, for so many reasons.  One of the most important ones is that I got to learn from amazing teachers in a warm, encouraging, and supportive environment.  Not only are you learning from highly trained Pilates Instructors, but also the entire staff at InsideOut who are extremely knowledgeable in their own field, including Physical Therapists, Rolfers, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists. Of course being able to train directly under Deborah and Mischa, classically trained Pilates practitioners who are very knowledgeable in injury rehabilitation and a Physical Therapist, was incredibly valuable.  Many of the clients I currently teach have been referred to Pilates by medical professionals. Being able to modify and make Pilates exercises accessible and beneficial for these clients would have been impossible without the knowledge and process of thinking InsideOut taught me.  The program gave me a solid foundation of incredibly detailed knowledge on all Pilates exercises on all pieces of equipment, but also the confidence to really see and assess the body/client in front of me, trust my own instincts, and create a session that will be of greatest benefit for that client. I highly recommend it because it is one of the most thorough, extensive and reputable programs in the nation, but also because the small teacher to student ratio provides a direct and open learning atmosphere. It is a truly unique place, and I feel very grateful to be a part of the InsideOut family.


I began taking Pilates classes at Inside Out during my second year of Physical Therapy school and UNC-Chapel Hill. After falling in love with Pilates and learning how beneficial it would be to intertwine Pilates and Physical Therapy, I began taking interest in the teaching training program.  I entered the program during my final year of Physical Therapy school.  I spent most of my observation hours learning Pilates Based Physical Therapy techniques that I could later use with my patients.  The teaching program assisted me with both my physical Pilates skills as well as my teaching and overall communication skills.  The program was a perfect combination of challenging yet fun!  I am now a liscensed Physical Therapist in Charlotte NC and use Pilates within my intervention techniques with my patients.  I also work at a Pilates studio teaching clients as well as seeing patients using the Pilates Based Physical Therapy method. The teaching training course has prepared me for the world of Pilates and I am so incredibly thankful for all of the teachers and staff members at Inside Out.  I would highly recommend the program to any individual who is looking to take their Pilates training to the next level!


As a graduate from IOBTs Training Program, I not only learned the  technical understanding of how to teachPilates, but also how to read clients’ bodies  and see what skills they need to develop in order to unlock their movement potential.  The training I received at IOBT fostered an open and safe place for communication, support and understanding.  IOBT Training Program provided the building blocks to unlock my full potential–both personally and professionally– and as a result I teach Pilates with passion, insight and inspiration. 


My training with IOBT was inspirational, enlightening and comprehensive. Now that I have left the triangle and looking to find my niche, I truly miss the IOBT team and value my training even more. I obtained an in-depth understanding of Pilates.  The distinguishing piece of this teaching program was the emphasis on the power of words and imagery.  Now more than ever before, I find myself in other studio classes listening to the instructor call off exercises and count the reps for an hour, never reinforcing the juice and true essence of the exercise. I want to know why I am doing this exercise, what is the goal, what am I trying to achieve,  where in my body am I miss aligned and compensating, when I need to use my inhale and exhale, how I can get deeper in my practice and in my body. Graduating from IOBT truly gave me a comprehensive scope of Pilates which includes all the fundamental teachings of Joseph Pilates. I am not only confident in my training but my ability to teach any type of body in front of me.

InsideOut Body Therapies