Kim Lien LaFitte, NCPT, RSME/T (she/her)

A woman standing in the woods wearing a maroon shirt.

Kim Lien LaFitte, NCPT, RSME/T (she/her)

Pilates Teacher/Somatic Therapist


Kim Lien combines her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, a grounded analytical mind, keen artistic observational skills, and an intuitive and compassionate nature to assess the structural and energetic body. Kim Lien gives her clients the information and guidance they need to heal, integrate and transform themselves. She graduated from The Pilates Center Intermediate Pilates Teacher Training Program and studied with Cara Reeser in the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program. She is certified in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and uses the system to inform her work as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist.  Her studies have given her a deep understanding of how working with the body and mind can free the body of long-held, maladaptive patterns and resulting pain. She developed Body Systems Integration(BSI) as a way to combine her skills and knowledge of manual and movement therapies into one system.

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