Trainer Category: InsideOut Body Therapies Staff

A young woman with long hair smiles for the camera.

Meredith Woodson, PT, DPT, NCPT (she/her)

Pilates-based Physical Therapist
A man standing in the middle of some trees

Toby Matthews, LMBT (he/him)

Certified Advanced Rolfer™
A woman standing in front of some trees

Megan Ross, NCPT (she/her)

Pilates Teacher
A woman standing in the woods wearing a maroon shirt.

Kim Lien LaFitte, NCPT, RSME/T (she/her)

Pilates Teacher/Somatic Therapist
A man with long hair and beard standing in front of trees.

Adam Decker (he/him)

Personal Trainer
A woman with long hair wearing purple shirt.

Kim Crowley (she/her)

Studio Manager
InsideOut Body Therapies