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The online sessions keep me connected, motivated and strong.  They are easy to join and provide just the right level of challenge.  Thank you InsideOut Body Therapies for offering such a great variety of offerings during this time when we need each other more than ever.


I am loving the online classes for several reasons.  I don’t have to drive to get there, I don’t have to look decent,(it’s ok if I haven’t showered!), I can decide last minute if I want to take a class or not.  I really really appreciate that you are holding these classes.  Thank all of […]

Tom and Mary

IOBT has made a huge difference in maintaining our health. The attention to detail and the knowledge of body mechanics has been phenomenal. Meeting virtually is not as good as meeting in person but it sure as heck beats no contact! We feel that IOBT really cares about our well being.


My virtual PT sessions through IOBT have been a lifesaver during the quarantine. They give me a mental break from the monotony of life inside, get me moving and strengthening my body, and allow me to reconnect with the world outside. I always feel 100x better, lighter, and happier afterward!


IOBT has provided me some peace during the quarantine. Virtual classes are relaxing and invigorating, and easy to follow.


Loving the virtual classes!  Having the instructor perform the exercises with us has not only added motivation, but also allows me to better my form as I see them perform it the right way. IOBT has turned an extraordinary situation into a pleasing ordinary one.


I can’t say enough about the Back to Health program. Every instructor, without exception, has been so attentive and helpful. The classes are presented in a way that there is no embarrassment for the current status of anyone, everyone is just encouraged to start where they are and to make headway from that point. I’m […]


Every instructor with whom I have worked with understood my situation in advance, and has skillfully guided me as they guide other class members who have different health issues.


I would highly recommend Inside Out Body Therapies to anyone – anyone! – who is looking to rehab an injury, improve their overall fitness, and age more gracefully. I’m truly grateful to be one of their clients.

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