Amy Ginsburg, Ed.D. NCPT (she/her)

A woman standing in the air near water.

Amy Ginsburg, Ed.D. NCPT (she/her)

Pilates Teacher


Amy Ginsburg, Ed.D. NCPT, is a comprehensively trained, highly experienced movement
educator. She has taught Pilates for over 15 years, working with individuals managing injury,
illness, pre/post-natal needs, and issues related to aging, as well athletes, dancers, and anyone
seeking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their movement. Inspired by the
usefulness of Pilates for developing the strength, flexibility and breath support needed at all
stages and circumstances of life, Amy has completed specialized training including the
immersive Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries program in NYC, the Pink Ribbon
Program certification, and numerous workshops with Pilates master teachers.

Prior to focusing on Pilates full time, Amy had a substantial career in dance and has taught at colleges and
universities around the country. With extensive training in dance and movement re-education
techniques, Amy is known for her use of imagery and attention to detail. Her teaching fosters
mind-body integration, body awareness, and deeper understanding of movement.
A happy resident of Durham and enthusiastic member of the IOBT staff before her husband’s work brought her to Boston in 2018, Amy was a Senior Teacher at IOBT, teaching a variety of mat and equipment classes, along with private
sessions. She is delighted to continue the connection virtually.

Amy holds a BA in Psychology from Duke University, an MA in Dance from the University of
Illinois, and an EdD in Dance from Temple University.

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